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Find Me Here - Part 2 of the Danza series by WalkingInDarkness737 Find Me Here - Part 2 of the Danza series by WalkingInDarkness737

"Perhaps love is the process of my gently leading you back to yourself.” ~Antoine de Saint

TJ Hammond has spent what feels like his entire life subject to public scrutiny, an unwilling celebrity dragged into the limelight by his parents’ political ambitions. After being sent to rehab following a near fatal drug overdose, he finds himself searching for something, anything to hold onto. 

Then he discovers dance.

With the help of a friend TJ leaves everything behind, moving to New York in a desperate bid to disappear into the crowd and start over. New name, a job, and a group of people who may help him discover what it’s like to live life for himself. And so, Bucky Barnes is born.

Steve Rogers is a Brooklyn boy, born and bred. An army vet just returning home after years overseas, Steve isn’t quite sure how to fit back into civilian life again. Busy adjusting to the changes that have occurred in his absence and reconnecting with the people he left behind, he isn’t looking for love or relationships or any other form of entanglement. He’s got enough to deal with on his own, waking night after night to the fading sound of gunshots and screaming.

Then Steve meets Bucky, and none of that matters anymore.

This is my official cover and synopsis for the Steve/Bucky Political Animals AU I’ll be writing for NaNoWriMo this year! The cover is all my edit and I’m ridiculously proud of how it came out. This will be the second story in the series.  Part 1 is Slip These Chains.

I’m ninasdreams over on the NaNo website.

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October 13, 2014
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